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Which action is correct for controlling a nosebleed?
a) Have the victim lie flat and pinch nostrils closed.
b) Have the victim lie flat and apply pressure over bridge of the nose
c) Have the victim sit up and pinch nostrils closed.
d) Have the victim sit up and appy pressure over the bridge of the nose.

Placing a person in the supine position and elevating the legs are correct actions to prevent:
a) Fainting.
b) Seizures.
c) Headaches.
d) Vomiting.

The main goal when attending a person who is having a seizure is:
a) Enlisting the help from others.
b) Monitoring the vital signs.
c) Keeping the person safe.
d) Preventing additonal seizures.

If a rescuer observes a foreign object protruding from a victim's body, which action is BEST?
a) Remove the object, hold pressure for 15 minutes, then apply a pressure bandage.
b) Immobilize the object by taping dressings in place around the object.
c) Leave the object in place and wash with disinfectant soap.
d) Pull the object slightly until it is stabilized.

The initial treatment for most major burns consists of applying:
a) An adhesive dressing.
b) Cool water.
c) Ice.
d) An antibiotic ointment.

You just witnessed a victim having a seizure with severe shaking of arms and legs. Immediately after the seizure what action should be taken NEXT?
a) Offer fluid
b) Call 9-1-1
c) Check for breathing
d) Check victim's medications

A colleague complains of blurred vision, headache, and facial numbness. You notice slurred speach and use of inappropriate words. You think your colleague MIGHT be having a(an):
a) Heart attack
b) Migraine headache
c) Seizure
d) Stroke

Which artery serves as the pressure point for a bleeding wound in the upper leg?
a) Brachial
b) Radial
c) Femoral
d) Popliteal

What is the correct action for a body part which has been accidently amputated?
a) Rinse with water, wrap it in moistened cloth and place in container with ice and water.
b) Place the part directly on ice and place it in plastic bag.
c) Tape the part onto the victim's body, near the affected area.
d) Rinse the part with water, wrap in a clean, dry bandage, transport it to the pathology lab.

CPR is indicated during an emergency when the rescuer notes the victim:
a) To be nonresponsive, but breathing.
b) To be responsive, but respirations less than 10.
c) Is not breathing and has no pulse.
d) Is breathing and has a slow, weak pulse.

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