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Which statement about responding to an emergency is TRUE?
a) Once the scene is considered safe, it is okay to move a patient before administering first aid.
b) Medical Alert bracelets and necklaces are not considered important in most emergencies.
c) Good Sammaritan Laws are the same in each state and can be used in all emergencies.
d) When approaching a conscious victim, identify yourself and express your intent to provide assistance

Which of the following indicates a life-threatening emergency?
a) A red, swollen and painful ankle, victim can wiggle toes
b) A burn on the forearm which is moderately red, but not blistered
c) Bright red bleeding from the neck which is spurting
d) Alert victim complaining of pain in the jaw and a nosebleed.

The BEST reason for immobilizing a broken bone is to:
a) Assist with walking.
b) Reduce pain.
c) Prevent further injury.
d) Decrease swelling.

After making sure the scene is safe, what should be the NEXT action when approaching a victim found to be lying on the floor?
a) Check to see if the victim is responsive.
b) Call your doctor.
c) Call 9-1-1.
d) Begin giving ventilations to the victim.

Which of the following are MOST likely signs of inadequate circulation?
a) Coughing and talking.
b) Bluish color around the nose and mouth.
c) Reddish tint near the affected injury.
d) Bruising of the extremities.

A person eating dinner begins to cough loudly. What should be done NEXT?
a) Give an abdominal thrust.
b) Give solid slaps between the victim\'s shoulder blades
c) Encourage the victim to continue to cough forcefully.
d) Leave the victim to call 9-1-1.

Whcih describes the correct hand position when giving abdominal thrusts?
a) Put your arms around the victim and clasp hands.
b) Keep both hands flat against the abdomen, just above the naval.
c) With arms around victim, make a fist with one hand, cover with the other hand.
d) Make fists with both hands, wrap arms around vicitm.

Which statement is TRUE about shock?
a) All victims, regardless of injuries, should be treated for shock.
b) As long as a victim is conscious, he/she is not in shock.
c) Keeping a shock victim calm and comfortable is a myth.
d) Increased pulse and respirations, and low blood pressure, are symptoms of shock.

A man with pain in the jaw, dizziness, shortness of breath and heartburn MOST likely is experiencing a:
a) Seizure
b) Stroke
c) Heart Attack
d) Kidney stone

Syrup of ipecac and activated charcoal should be kept in first aid kits to help treat what condition?
a) Burns
b) Fainting
c) Fractures
d) Poisoning

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