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Our bodies have bones that make up the skeletal system. Because our muscles are attached to bones, bones help us to move. What is another function of the skeletal system?
a) It helps us breathe.
b) It gives the body its shape.
c) It helps us hear.
d) It moves food through the body.

You have more than 600 muscles in your body. Some of your muscles are involuntary. Which statement about involuntary muscles is TRUE?
a) They move when you think about them.
b) They are the muscles you use when you run.
c) They help you to lift something heavy.
d) They move food through your body during digestion.

When you touch something hot, bundles of nerve cells in your skin work together to send a message to your brain. Groups of cells working together in this way are known as ____.
a) an organ
b) a tissue
c) a system
d) a community

Daisy plants and human beings are both living things made of cells. The cells of a daisy plant differ in some important ways from human cells. Which statement is TRUE about the cel
a) Daisy cells need energy.
b) Daisy cells contain chlorophyll.
c) Daisy cells undergo respiration.
d) Daisy cells use proteins.

Lions and lettuce plants are living things that are made of cells. What is one way that a cell from a lettuce plant is similar to a cell from a lion?
a) They both need energy
b) The cells look the same.
c) They do not contain water.
d) They both make hydrogen.

When John runs, his muscle cells work to move his legs and arms, and his blood cells bring oxygen to his body. How are Mitsugu’s muscle cells different from his blood cells?
a) The muscle cells come from blood cells.
b) The blood cells need food.
c) The muscle cells perform different functions than the blood cells.
d) There are many blood cells but only a few muscle cells.

Certain traits make organisms better able to survive in their environment. Only traits that are inherited can influence the survival rates of subsequent generations. Which of these
a) A fox is small because of malnutrition.
b) A zebra has a unique pattern of stripes.
c) An elephant loses one of its tusks in a fight.
d) A dog has short ears because its ears were clipped.

Living things reproduce by either asexual or sexual reproduction. Single-celled organisms like yeast can reproduce asexually. Which statement is true of asexual reproduction?
a) This type of reproduction involves fertilization.
b) Less genetic variety is a result of asexual reproduction.
c) Mammals can also reproduce asexually.
d) The new organism has a different genetic makeup than its parent.

Which of these best describes the interaction of living things with the landscape?
a) Living organisms do not play an essential role in the development of fertile soil.
b) Plants and animals which live and die in soil return nutrients to the soil.
c) Plant roots are not strong enough to weather rock they encounter while growing.
d) Organisms depend on soil, but the development of soil is not dependent upon organisms.

Your body has organs that help you breathe. These organs make up the respiratory system. What is one part of the respiratory system?
a) lungs
b) large intestine
c) stomach
d) pancreas

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