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Which statement about the structure of an atom is true?
a) Electrons are not found in the atomic nucleus.
b) Protons are much more massive than neutrons.
c) A proton ‘cloud’ surrounds each atom.
d) Protons have a negative charge.

Which statement about the structure of an atom is true?
a) Neutrons are not found in the atomic nucleus.
b) An electron ‘cloud’ surrounds each atom.
c) A proton ‘cloud’ surrounds each atom.
d) Protons and electrons are roughly equal in mass.

Water in the cracks of rocks freezes and expands when the temperature drops below freezing, and melts when the temperature rises above freezing. Over ext
a) deposition
b) physical change
c) chemical change
d) erosion

Which of these best defines what happens when limestone rock reacts with acidic water?
a) a mixture is formed
b) chemical change
c) physical change
d) chain reaction

Which is an example of a chemical change?
a) rubbing alcohol evaporating from an open bottle
b) water freezing on the surface of a pond
c) digestion of food
d) melting snow

Eva toasts a marshmallow over a fire. Which of these is not evidence that a chemical change has occurred?
a) The outside of the marshmallow turns black.
b) A new substance with new properties is created on the outside of the marshmallow.
c) The interior of the marshmallow melts.
d) The marshmallow gives off an odor.

Which of these best describes the interaction of living things with the landscape?
a) Living organisms do not play an essential role in the development of fertile soil.
b) Plants and animals which live and die in soil return nutrients to the soil.
c) Plant roots are not strong enough to weather rock they encounter while growing.
d) Organisms depend on soil, but the development of soil is not dependent upon organisms.

What is TRUE about the cells from sharks, toads, and snakes?
a) Sharks and toads do not have as many cells as snakes.
b) Toads and snakes are made of cells but sharks are not.
c) The cells of these animals do not perform any of the same functions.
d) The cells of these animals perform similar functions

All woodpeckers have strong, chisel-like beaks designed for tapping on trees. What is the most likely reason that the woodpecker’s beak represents a successful adaptation?
a) The woodpecker uses its beak to groom itself.
b) The woodpecker’s beak is a powerful weapon used to fight off predators.
c) The woodpecker uses its beak to drill holes in trees to find insects to eat.
d) The woodpecker uses its beak to scare off other woodpeckers.

Your body has organs that help you breathe. These organs make up the respiratory system. What is one part of the respiratory system?
a) large intestine
b) stomach
c) lungs
d) pancrea

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