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Which of these best describes how the theory of plate tectonics explains the formation of a deep-sea trench?
a) a plate is moving over a hot spot in the mantle
b) continental plates are converging
c) oceanic plates are diverging
d) an oceanic and continental plate are converging

Which of the following statements best describes two teams playing tug of war?
a) Unbalanced forces will likely cause a change in velocity of one or both teams.
b) An unbalanced force will not cause a change in either team’s velocity.
c) The forces exerted during the competition will be equal in size and opposite in direction.
d) Neither team has an advantage based upon weight.

If a stationary box begins to move, ____.
a) its acceleration is zero
b) it experiences no changes in velocity or acceleration
c) it is accelerating
d) its velocity changes, but its acceleration does not change

If a box is moving, ____.
a) no work is being done
b) friction is not being overcome
c) friction is greater than the applied force
d) the applied force is greater than friction

If the box is stationary on the floor, ____.
a) forces are balanced
b) the applied force is greater than friction
c) friction is being overcome
d) the force applied to the box is zero

Which statement about acceleration is TRUE?
a) Acceleration can have a positive or negative value.
b) Acceleration always has a positive value.
c) A change in direction of motion does not affect an object's acceleration.
d) If the acceleration is in the same direction as the velocity, acceleration is negative.

You are driving to school in a car. Which of these would not affect the velocity of the car?
a) adding another passenger
b) making a left turn into the school parking lot
c) speeding up after leaving a residential area
d) slowing down as the car nears a stop sign

A table show the time, in minutes, required for students in Coach Warner's physical education class to run one mile. What can be determined from this data?
a) velocity
b) instantaneous speed
c) acceleration
d) average speed

A race car maintains a constant speed of 195 kilometers per hour as it completes one lap around a circular track. Which statement about this car’s motion is true?
a) The race car is not accelerating because it maintains a constant velocity.
b) The race car is accelerating because its speed is not decreasing.
c) The race car is not accelerating because its velocity is not changing.
d) The race car is accelerating because its direction is constantly changing.

What does a negative acceleration mean?
a) The object is not moving.
b) The object is moving at a constant speed.
c) The object is speeding up.
d) The object is slowing down.

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