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A health assistant notes a patient's blood pressure to be 148/96. Which is the BEST action the assistant can take?
a) Tell the patient the blood pressure reading.
b) Report the reading to the patient's nurse.
c) Wait 15 minutes and repeat the procedure.
d) Immediately repeat the procedure in the other arm.

You need to take vital signs on an recently admitted 80 year old man who had a stroke. Vital signs BP 130/78, T 99.4 F, P 92, R 32. Which vital sign is within normal limits?
a) Blood Pressure
b) Pulse
c) Respirations
d) Temperature

Of the following, which person is MOST likely to develop hypertension based on risk factors?
a) Underweight 12-year-old Indian female student
b) Obese 40-year-old African American male smoker
c) 30-year-old Asian male distance runner who works as an air traffic controller
d) 45-year-old Caucasian mother of triplets who is on a low carbohydrate diet

Which patient is the BEST candidate for an oral temperature?
a) 1-year-old healthy infant
b) 16-year-old receiving his annual physical exam
c) 21-year-old patient on seizure precautions
d) 62-year-old comatose patient

A patient with tachycardia MOST likely has a/an:
a) Elevated temperature.
b) Elevated blood pressure.
c) Fast pulse.
d) Increased respiratory rate.

The LEAST accurate route for temperature is:
a) Aural..
b) Axillary.
c) Oral.
d) Rectal.

Which is considered to be an elevated temperature?
a) Aural 37.2 C
b) Axillary 38.4 C
c) Oral 37 C
d) Rectal 37.8 C

Pulse rates are most commonly measured at which site?
a) Apical
b) Brachial
c) Carotid
d) Radial

What is the respiratory rate of a patient who is observed to have 16 inspirtations and 16 expirations?
a) 8
b) 16
c) 32
d) 64

In a blood pressure measurement of 132/86, the number 86 is the:
a) Bradycardia.
b) Tachycardia.
c) Diastolic.
d) Systolic.

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