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According to the 1997 President\'s Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection, a consumer is responsible for:
a) Showing respect for other patients and health care workers.
b) Washing his or her hands whenever they touch a public door knob.
c) Doing whatever the physician asks him/her to do.
d) Paying all of their mecical bills on time.

What technology has had an impact on healthcare by providing patients with greater access to disease information?
a) Cell phone technology
b) Telemedicine
c) Gene mapping
d) The internet

Issues related to right to life, right to die, and stem cell research all fall under the broad emerging issue of:
a) Bioethics.
b) Culture.
c) Malpractice.
d) Socioeconomics.

What might an epidemiologist be asked to study?
a) The benefits for using mice in animal research.
b) The costs of healthcare for the underinsured.
c) The shortage of healthcare workers in rural areas.
d) The incidence of lung cancer in smokers.

What is the prevalence of hearing loss in rock musicians over the age of 65 if 50 out of 200 rock musicians suffered hearing loss?
a) 5%
b) 50%
c) 25%
d) 15%

The mortality rate of tuberculosis has decreased over the past 5 years, but the morbidity rate has increased. What does that tell you about tuberculosis in the past 5 years?
a) More people are being diagonosed with tuberculosis.
b) Tuberculosis treatment is becoming less effective.
c) Fewer people are being treated for tuberculosis.
d) More people are dying from tuberculosis.

Bob pays $300/mth for family health insurance. He must pay for the 1st $100/yr, per person, and then $25 / office visit and insurance pays the rest. What premium does Bob pay?
a) $300
b) $25
c) $100
d) $125

What statement is usually true about managed care?
a) Pre-approval is not required for special care.
b) The focus is on preventive measures.
c) It is sometimes called a 3rd party payer.
d) The patient can use the physician of his/her choice.

Mrs. Jeter has Medicare and no supplemental insurance. She needed to have cataract surgery at a cost of $1000. How much will Mrs. Jeter MOST LIKELY pay out of pocket?
a) Nothing
b) $500
c) $200
d) $100

Stan works for a power company & has BC/BS insurance. He got hurt at work & couldn\'t work for 6 months. What will Worker\'s Compenstation cover that BC/BS won\'t cover?
a) Lost wages
b) Physical therapy
c) Legal costs
d) His family's medical costs

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