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Which file format is not a Flash file?
a) FLA
b) SWF
c) GIF
d) FLV

Which of the properties below is not a document property
a) Font Style
b) Frame Rate
c) Color of Stage
d) Size of Stage

To keep thing organized, you should always separate these when working with text and graphics.
a) Grids
b) Layers
c) Animations
d) Symbols

If you accidentally entered object drawing mode, all you need to do is click in this area to get out
a) Layers
b) Tooltip
c) Menu
d) Breadcrumbs

Which command do you need to choose to group multiple objects?
a) Modify Selection Group
b) Edit Group
c) Edit Enclose
d) Modify Group

Apart from the Free Transform tool, which options in the Properties inspector allows you to resize a placed image?
a) X and Y
b) W and H
c) Z and M
d) A and B

Apart from guides, what can be used to align objects on the Stage?
a) Gate
b) Grid
c) Lattice
d) Grate

Which image type below is pixel based?
a) Bitmap
b) Free Form
c) Bezier
d) Blended

What shape is displayed in the upper right corner for a fixed-width box for identification?
a) Square
b) Circle
c) Rectangle
d) Arrow

After entering the URL for a link, the Target dropdown menu becomes active. Which item will have a link open in a new window
a) top
b) self
c) blank
d) parent

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