4th Grade Matter Quiz Question Preview (ID: 926)

A Review Of States Of Matter, Properties, And Changes In States Of Matter.

Evaporation is...
a) the process of a liquid changing into a gas.
b) the process of a gas changing into a liquid.
c) what causes matter to change state.
d) when it rains outside.

A solid is a state of matter with...
a) no definite size or shape.
b) definite size, but it is pourable.
c) definite shape and size.
d) hard sides and won't bend.

The tool used to measure mass is a
a) graduated cylinder.
b) balance scale.
c) ruler.
d) thermometer.

What causes matter to change state?
a) Heat energy.
b) A moving truck.
c) Evaporation.
d) Condensation.

When a liquid changes to a gas, the molecules...
a) slow down and freeze.
b) heat up and move faster.
c) stop moving.
d) heat up but don't get any faster.

Ice changing to water is an example of what change in state?
a) liquid to solid
b) solid to liquid
c) gas to liquid
d) liquid to gas

When ice melts, its mass...
a) increases.
b) decreases.
c) stays the same.
d) will change but go back to the original amount.

Matter is...
a) any object you can see.
b) anything that takes up space and has mass.
c) a solid.
d) a liquid.

What are characteristics of matter?
a) All answers.
b) Anything that takes up space.
c) Anything that has mass.
d) Can be a solid, liquid, or gas.

When ice as a solid is heated up it changes to a liquid. What is this called?
a) freezing
b) melting
c) evaporating
d) condensing

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