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Why do some animals survive and others become extinct
a) the most popular animals always win
b) small organisms will have short lives
c) they are better adapted animals will survive

To store hereditary information is the main function of:
a) molecules
b) adaptations
c) DNA

Which of the following enables an organism to survive in an environment?
a) attitudes
b) differences
c) adaptations

A human cell has 46 chromosomes. After mitosis, the two new cells each have how many chromosomes?
a) 23
b) 46
c) 13

Animals with favorable traits/variations survive and reproduce at higher rates than those without these traits/variations. This is because of their:
a) Meisosis
b) Evolution
c) Adaptations

If a karyotype chart shows an X and Y chromosome at the end of the chart, this indicates the organism's:
a) sex
b) height
c) hair color

In the Galapagos Islands, Darwin noticed 14 different species of finches from a single ancestor species. Why were they so different?
a) different food sources
b) different climate
c) they liked to show off

Heterozygous pairs are represented by:
a) CC
b) Cc
c) cc

Homozygous pairs are represented by:
a) CC
b) cc
c) both are correct

Organisms that are better adapted to their environment will have a greater chance for survival explains which concept?
a) Survival of the Fittest
b) Evolution
c) Meiosis

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