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Which statement best characterizes the period of apartheid in South Africa?
a) The majority of the population had the right to vote
b) The Boers attempted to conquer Nigeria
c) Many racist ideas of the ruling minority were adopted into laws
d) French was declared the official language of the nation

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela both won Nobel Peace Prizes for their opposition to
a) The practice of apartheid in South Africa
b) European imperialism in North Africa
c) International sanctions against South Africa
d) Foreign religious influences in Africa

Which quotation best reflects a feeling of nationalism?
a) “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”
b) “A person’s greatest social obligation is loyalty to the family”
c) “For God, King, and Country”
d) “Opposition to evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good”

Nationalism is most likely to develop in an area that has
a) land suited to agriculture
b) adequate industry to supply consumer demands
c) a moderate climate with rivers for irrigation
d) common customs, language, and history

Mohandas Gandhi’s protests during India’s independence movement were often successful because of his application of
a) an appeasement policy
b) civil disobedience
c) traditional caste beliefs
d) divide-and-conquer principles

One way in which the Great Leap Forward and the Four Modernizations are similar is that each was an attempt to
a) increase farm and factory output
b) develop a democratic government
c) strengthen economic ties with communist neighbors
d) reduce the gap between rich and poor

The Boxer Rebellion and the work of Sun Yixian (Sun Yat-sen) are most closely associated with the
a) Long March
b) Golden Age of China
c) rise of nationalism in China
d) Cultural Revolution

One way in which Emperor Meiji and Atatürk are similar is that they both promoted
a) isolation and nationalism
b) capitalism and democracy
c) revolution and absolutism
d) reform and modernization

The best example of the success of nationalism in Europe is the
a) development of socialism in France
b) Industrial Revolution in Great Britain
c) establishment of the Common Market
d) unification of Germany

Which statement about Turkish leader Atatürk is an opinion rather than a fact?
a) He promoted modernization
b) His efforts led to the development of industries
c) He encouraged people to wear western-style clothing
d) His major accomplishment was the separation of church and state

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