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Which pair of words BEST describes the organization of this article?
a) cause/effect
b) comparison/contrast
c) general/specific
d) general/specific

Why would a newspaper have pro-war sentiments?
a) The publisher of the paper wanted to control the world.
b) The publisher of the paper knew war would sell papers.
c) The publisher of the paper feared spanish domination.
d) The publisher of the paper believed peace was futile.

What is the main purpose of the article, Did the Newspaper Start the War?
a) to criticize Hearst and Pulitzer for stirring up the war
b) to prove that the media are more powerful than government
c) to suggest that writers can choose to invent history
d) to speculate on one possible cause of war

When Hearst supposedly said he would furnish the war, what did he mean?
a) He would supply the war's "furniture," such as tents and barracks.
b) He would organize a meeting between the American and Spanish diplomat.
c) He would publish stories that would cause the war to begin.
d) He would convey to the people the threat of Spanish rule.

According to the article, what word BEST describes Hearst and Pulitzer?
a) unselfish
b) moral
c) patriotic
d) self-serving

Which of the following incidents BEST demonstrates the power of newspapers?
a) the sinking of the USS Maine
b) the resignation of Enrique Dupuy de Lome
c) the newspapers' ability to hire famous writers and illustrators
d) yellow journalism

What is being compared in lines 97-102?
a) Hektor and Akhilleus
b) Akhilleus and a mountain
c) Hektor and a serpent
d) Akhilleus and a serpent

Why does Hektor say he is ashamed to face townsmen and women?
a) He was cowardly in running from Akhilleus.
b) His pride caused people to die unnecessarily.
c) He blames himself for the Greek victory.
d) His weapons were taken away by an opponent.

Which BEST describes Hektor's attitude toward Akhilleus as he watches the Greek warrior approach?
a) respectful
b) placating
c) indecisive
d) unwavering

In lines 135-137, what does Hektor assume about Akhilleus?
a) Akhilleus is not trustworthy.
b) Akhilleus is so furious he would never see reason.
c) Akhilleus does not have the power to make agreements for Greeks.
d) Akhilleus would not respect Hektor's offer.

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