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All of the following were involved in the women's suffrage movement except
a) Susan B. Anthony
b) Lucretia Mott
c) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
d) Harriet Tubman

How did Frederick Douglass contribute to the abolitionist movement?
a) He spoke and wrote abut his early life as a slave.
b) He established a secret route for runaway slaves to escape North
c) He helped write the legislation that banned the slave trade.
d) He formed the Abolition Party and ran for president.

Uncle Tom\'s Cabin , The North Star The Liberator Which social concern did these publications have in common?
a) opposed slavery
b) opposed abolition
c) supported women's rights
d) supported factory reforms

How did the Second Great Awakening impact American society?
a) It led to a rapid expansion of public education
b) It led to a ban on the international slave trade
c) It ended the overwhelming influence of the Catholic church over the government
d) It contributed to the motivations of reformers, but heightened class and regional differences.

What reform did Horace Mann support?
a) women's suffrage
b) prison reform
c) public schools
d) improved sanitation

What was frequently a subject of American art and transcendental literature in teh 19th century?
a) nature
b) human flaws
c) mythical heroes
d) technological progress

Which person below stated at the Seneca Falls convention,
a) Elizabeth Cady Stanton
b) Susan B. Anthony
c) Lucretia Mott
d) Sojourner Truth

Harriet Tubman: __________:: Harriet B. Stowe: _____________.
a) women's suffrage, Red Cross
b) Seneca Falls, abolition
c) underground railroad, abolition
d) abolition, underground railroad

Which movement banned the sale of alcohol and encouraged people not to drink?
a) Temperance
b) Suffrage
c) Abolition
d) Transcendentalism

What is the best definition of the term suffrage?
a) Providing all men with the right to vote.
b) Providing all women with the right to vote.
c) Providing all african americans with the right to vote
d) Providing both men and women with the right to vote

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