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Which of hte following is a correct cause-effect relationship for this era?
a) Reform movements led to expansion of slavery
b) Inventions led to the reform movements
c) Industrialism led to growth of cities
d) Growth of cities led to industrialism

How did the construction of railroads and canals most benefit Northern industry?
a) increased the flow of Southern products westward
b) kept individuals in the cities of the North
c) allowed faster movement of products and people
d) increased urbanization in the Southa and West

Railroads: __________:: Urbanization: __________. Which word(s) below best fit as a negative consequence into both blanks?
a) immigration
b) pollution
c) child labor
d) slavery

Which of the following was a benefit of the free enteprise system in the United States during the 19th century?
a) more government involvement with businesses
b) fewer slaves needed to work in factories
c) less specialized labor and production
d) less dependence on foreign products

All of the following contributed to the establishment of the plantation system in the United States except?
a) invention of the cotton gin
b) Triangle trade
c) invention of interchangeable parts
d) rich soil and long growing season

Which innovation was the most responsible for the growth of industry during the 1800s?
a) automobiles
b) electricity
c) telegraph
d) steam power

All of the following were economic changes in the nation as a result of the War of 1812 except
a) increased desire for American products
b) increased industrial production
c) introduction of the American System
d) increased reliance on American manufactured goods

Which of the following did not lead to an increase in the number of factories?
a) increased use of steam power
b) improved transportation
c) blockade during the War of 1812
d) international slave trade

Which of the following was the most significant result of the Erie Canal construction?
a) trade with New Orleans increased
b) irrigation in New York State improved
c) commerce benefited from a means of faster transportation
d) westward expansion slowed due to construction delays

What is the best defintiion of the Industrial Revolution?
a) A change from an agricultural society to a manufacturing society.
b) A decrease in the use of factories and an increae in hand made products.
c) An increase in the use of factories and an increase in hand made products
d) A change from a manufacturing society to an agricultural society.

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