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How are animism and Shintoism similar?
a) spirits reside in living things
b) spirits reside in all living and non-living things
c) spirits reside in non-living things
d) there are no spirits

Which Chinese Dynasty did Zheng He explore?
a) Song
b) Tang
c) Ottoman
d) Ming

What river was a part of Ghana, Mali and Songhai?
a) Niger
b) Amazon
c) Mali
d) Songhai

What did the banning of shipbuilding cause?
a) more trade
b) more power
c) isolation
d) bigger ships

What was the longterm impact of Marco Polo's visit to China?
a) increased trade and interest
b) more power for Italy
c) less interest
d) less trade

Describe Timbuktu
a) small city
b) large trade route
c) cultural learning center
d) harbor city

What major trip did Mansa Musa take?
a) the hajj for the Pillars of Islam
b) Silk Road for trade
c) ship trips for trade

Describe Slash and Burn agriculture
a) slash corn fields
b) burn farm house
c) burn crops
d) cut down crops and burn the area

Who was the leader of the Mongols?
a) Marco Polo
b) Ghengis Khan
c) Alexander the Great
d) Timbuktu

How did Marco Polo increase interest in other cultures?
a) trade with Italy
b) discovering America
c) stories of China
d) new travel routes

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