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Which of the following is the BEST example of Western Medicine?
a) Using hypnosis to treat overeating
b) Treating depression with medication
c) Using diet to prevent adult-onset diabetes
d) Treating arthiritis with acupunture

The Smithville Hospital is owned by the state and will care for anyone who requires medical care? Any money that the hospital makes is returned to the hospital, what are they?
a) Private non-profit
b) Public, for profit
c) Private, for profit
d) Public non-profit

Ambulatory facilities provide diagnostic and treatment services that were previously performed in hospitals. Which is an ambulatory facility?
a) Central Urgent Care Center
b) Veteran's Administration Hospital
c) Southeastern Rehabilitation Center
d) Western Psychiatric Hospital

Ms. Lyon is 90. She is very active who likes to cook, read, play cards and take short walks with her walker. The long term care facility that is best suited to her needs is a/an:
a) Nursing Home
b) Skilled nursing facility
c) Assisted Living Center
d) Alzheimer's Unit

The CDC is a branch of the Dept of Health and Human services. What does CDC stand for?
a) Centers for Disease control
b) Communicable Disease center
c) Communication Disorder consortium
d) Contagious disorder Center

The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America is a non-profit, voluntary agency. What is MOST LIKELY their purpose?
a) Physician and pharmacist certification and training
b) provide funding for research and education about myasthenia gravis
c) conduct clinical trials of new medications to treat myasthenia gravis
d) recognize the achievements of people who have myasthenia gravis

According to the CDC, what group has the longest life expectancy in America?
a) white males
b) black males
c) white females
d) black females

Physicians influence the cost of healthcare when they order more diagnostic tests than are necessary. Whay do some doctors order so many tests?
a) to save patients money
b) to satisfy the requests of insurance companies
c) because the patients like getting their money's worth for what they pay in insurance premiums
d) because they are afraid they might miss something and get sued for malpractice

Waht aspect of culture has the greatest influence on the ability to provide health care in an emergency room?
a) language
b) food habits
c) beliefs about aging
d) beliefs about marriage

An overweight man wishes to have gastric bypass surgery for rapid weightloss. As a healthcare consumer, the man is responsible to:
a) Investigate the physician's background for previous litigation
b) understand the costs involved in buying a new, smaller wardrobe
c) recongnize the risks involved and the limits of the operation
d) provide before and after pictures for the physician in promoting the procedure

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