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Given y = 2(x-1)² +1, the equation for its line of symmetry is
a) x = 1
b) x = - 1
c) y = 1
d) y= - 1

Given y = 2(x-1)² +1, what is kind of graph is this?
a) linear graph
b) parabolic graph
c) parametric graph
d) polar graph

Given y = 3x², what will happen to the graph when the coefficient of x² becomes 1?
a) The graph will shift upward.
b) The graph will shift downward.
c) The graph will open outward.
d) The graph will squeeze inward or narrower.

Which of the following is True of y = x²?
a) It has a minimum turning point.
b) It has a maximum turning point.
c) It has no turning point.
d) It has an inflexion point.

Given y = ax², what is the shape of the graph when
a) A V-shaped curve
b) An inverted V-shaped curve
c) A U-shaped curve
d) An inverted u-shaped curve

Given y = 2x², the equation for the line of symmetry for this graph is
a) x = - 2
b) x = 0
c) y = 2
d) y = 0

What is the general shape of parabolas?
a) circle
b) s-shape
c) straight line
d) U-shape

In standard form, a _______ function is written as y = ax² + bx + c
a) absolute value
b) cubic
c) linear
d) quadratic

Given y = 2(x + 4)² -1, the coordinates of the turning point are
a) ( 1, 4)
b) ( -1, - 4)
c) ( 4, 1)
d) ( - 4, - 1)

This curve, y=x² - 5x + 7, has what kind of roots?
a) equal roots
b) imaginary roots
c) two roots
d) three roots

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