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How does the heat of the sun reach the earth?
a) radiation
b) vaporization
c) conduction
d) convection

What process produces the sun's energy?
a) nuclear fusion
b) magnetism
c) electricity
d) nuclear fission

Where does the process of fusion take place in the sun?
a) core
b) sunspots
c) corona
d) photosphere

What takes place when two hydrogen nuclei combine to form a hydrogen nucleus?
a) nuclear fusion produces heat
b) magnetism
c) gravitational pull
d) nuclear fission produces heat

What are the dark spots on th sun's surface?
a) sunspots
b) photosphere
c) solar flares
d) corona

How does the temperature of sunspots compare to the temperature of the sun's surface?
a) cooler
b) temperature varies
c) same temperature
d) hotter

What happens to the climate of the earth when the number of sunspots increases?
a) it gets hotter
b) it gets colder
c) no effect
d) it is rainier

The sun has enough fuel to last how many more years?
a) 5 billion
b) forever
c) 500 million
d) 5 trillion

What part of the sun is seen in a photograph?
a) photosphere
b) chromosphere
c) sunspots
d) corona

Where is most matter in the our solar system located?
a) the sun
b) the moon
c) the earth
d) the planets

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