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In Excel 2010, what is the name of the command that relocates a cell’s data and its format, then clears the data from the original cell and resets the original cell's format to def
a) Repeat
b) Move
c) Cut
d) Copy

What is the name of the small black square in the lower-right corner of the heavy border of an active cell that repeats a cell's value in adjacent cells?
a) Fill handle
b) Filler
c) Copy handle
d) Copy box

When copying values in Excel 2010, which feature automatically adjusts cell references for the new copy location?
a) Absolute reference
b) Certain reference
c) Variable reference
d) Relative reference

Which command on the Home Tab displays the total of the selected cells directly after the selected cells?
a) Sum
b) Add
c) Total
d) Calculate

What is the name of the on-screen command that appears in a worksheet when you copy one range to another range?
a) Copy options
b) Auto fill options
c) Reference options
d) Cell options

Which command enables a user to save an existing worksheet with a new name or save the worksheet in a new location?
a) Close
b) Save
c) Save As
d) Exit

Which command do you use to save a new worksheet in Excel 2010?
a) Close
b) Save
c) Save As
d) Exit

In Excel 2010, what do you use to emphasize certain entries and make the worksheet easier to read and understand?
a) Formatting
b) Printing
c) Arranging
d) Configuring

Which defines the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and special characters in Excel 2010?
a) Format
b) Font
c) Size
d) Effects

Which term indicates how characters in an Excel 2010 worksheet are emphasized?
a) Font size
b) Cell style
c) Font style
d) Alignment

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