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They’re such an independent,enigmatic animal,says Rismiller. Every time you think you know what they’re going to do, they do something dif...In the excerpt, Rismiller's discussing
a) the echidnas’ solitary habits, which make the animals difficult to locate.
b) the echidnas’ instincts, which make the animals able to successfully avoid capture.
c) the unpredictable behavior of echidnas, which makes the animals puzzling subjects to study.
d) the mysterious nature of echidnas, which makes the animals difficult to classify appropriately.

Rismiller supports the idea of low-impact field research by
a) drinking rainwater and using solar energy.
b) employing volunteers and using metal pens.
c) tracking echidnas in their natural environment.
d) attaching transmitters to the spines of echidnas.

Which of the following is NOT a factor that makes tracking echidnas with radio transmitters challenging?
a) Echidnas spend time in caves.
b) Transmitters are difficult to attach.
c) Transmitters are difficult to acquire.
d) Echidnas are built low to the ground.

According to the article, what is one echidna characteristic that is shared with other mammals?
a) the production of milk
b) the size of the neocortex
c) the use of spines for climbing
d) the use of the beak for rooting

According to the article, the main similarity between echidnas and porcupines is their
a) special muscles.
b) physical appearance.
c) capacity to move their spines.
d) ability to use their quills to climb rocks.

The greatest danger to echidnas outside conservation areas is posed by
a) feral cats and dingoes.
b) monitor lizards and foxes.
c) introduced predators and scientific research.
d) decreased living space and human intrusion.

According to the information presented in the article, all of these factors account for the uncertainty in determining total echidna population in Australia EXCEPT
a) the failure of traditional trapping methods.
b) the difficulty of attaching radio transmitters.
c) the ruggedness of the terrain where echidnas dwell.
d) the distribution of echidnas throughout the continent.

To obtain Week View mode when in Month View mode, simply highlight any day in the desired week and...In which sentence does mode have the same meaning as in the sentence above?
a) She reacted to the change in the mode of the teacher’s voice.
b) The instructor asked the students to find the mode of a set of numbers.
c) She switched the computer’s application from keyboard to voice mode.
d) The subway is her favorite mode of transportation when she visits the city.

The CALENDAR SYMBOLS chart is different from the other text features in the user manual because it
a) lists events in order of importance.
b) illustrates how to input calendar dates.
c) provides a key for categories of calendar entries.
d) clarifies the operating instructions of the cell phone.

Whether the Enhanced Emergency Service will be fully functional is mainly dependent upon the user
a) having paid for the embedded option.
b) reporting his or her location accurately.
c) knowing how to operate GPS technology.
d) being in a location where a GPS signal is available.

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