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I / eat / fish and chips (today)
a) I today has eaten fish and chips
b) I has eaten fish and chips today
c) I have today eaten fish and chips
d) I have eaten fish and chips today

they / leave (yet) ?
a) They have yet left
b) They left yet
c) Have they left yet?
d) Have yet they left?

She / finish / her / project (just)
a) She just have finished her project
b) She has just finished her project
c) She have just finished her project
d) She has finished her project just

you / mop / the flloor (yet) ?
a) Have you mopped the floor yet?
b) Have you yet mopped the floor?
c) You have mopped the floor yet
d) Have yet you mopped the floor?

We / have / this house (for years)
a) We have had this house for years
b) We have have this house for years
c) We have for years have this house
d) For years we has have this house

These tigers / fight / in the zoo (since 2009)
a) These tigers has fight in the zoo since 2009
b) These tigers fight in the zoo since 2009
c) These tigers has fought in the zoo since 2009
d) These tigers have fought in the zoo since 2009

He / see / Gery (yet)
a) He has seen Gery yet
b) He have seen Gery yet
c) He hasn't seen Gery yet
d) He yet hasn't seen Gery

A mosquito / bite / him (just)
a) A mosquito has just bitten him
b) A mosquito have just bitten him
c) A mosquito has just beaten him
d) A mosquito has just bite him

They / write / their / report (already)
a) They has already written their report
b) They have written already their report
c) They have already written their report
d) They have already writing their report

This season / our team / win / them (yet)
a) This season, our team hasn't won them yet
b) This season, our team hasn't win them yet
c) This season, our team yet has won them
d) This season, our team has yet won them

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