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What does Beany like to do for fun?
a) recite poems
b) turn cartwheels
c) dog tricks
d) play the violin

Which of the following is NOT a setting for the story?
a) The playground
b) Beany's backyard
c) school
d) Carol Ann's house

What is the genre of this story?
a) Fantasy
b) Play
c) Realistic Fiction
d) Fable

How does Beany's father help Beany solve her problem?
a) He helps her see the importance of enjoying herself.
b) He plays Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
c) He helps her count the stars in the sky.
d) He helps her memorize the lines for her show.

Why did the author write The Talent Show?
a) To teach people to do things that they enjoy.
b) To tell readers about a friendship of two girls.
c) To explain why you should enter a talent show.
d) To inform how looking at stars is important.

What is the MOST important lesson Beany learns in the story?
a) People should always tell others what to do.
b) Winning the talent show is most important.
c) People should always do the things they enjoy.
d) Problems should never occur during talent shows.

How does Beany's role in the recital compare to Carol Ann's role?
a) Beany has many lines, but Carol Ann doesn't.
b) Beany's role seems less interesting, but Carol Ann's is more difficult.
c) Beany's role required a lot of practice, but Carol Ann's doesn't.
d) Carol Ann has many props, but Beany doesn't.

Which sentence BEST tells what the story is about?
a) Beany should work as a helper.
b) Beany needs to become more confident.
c) Beany and Carol Ann should not work together.
d) Beany learns a lesson to have fun.

Why doesn't Beany complain about the props Carol Ann chooses for each of them?
a) Carol Ann was stretched out on the pillow.
b) Carol Ann is outspoken and Beany is afraid of her.
c) Beany had a much better idea than Carol Ann.
d) They were practicing at Carol Ann's house.

When Carol Ann tells Beany to recite a poem, she wants Beany to:
a) Sing the poem together.
b) Draw a picture of the poem.
c) Say the poem from memory.
d) Make a dance to go with the poem

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