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Approximately how old is the Moon thought to be?
a) 1 billion years
b) 2.1 million years
c) 3.8 billion years
d) 4.5 billion years

Which program successfully landed men on the Moon?
a) Luna
b) Apollo
c) Gemini
d) Voyager

What is believed to have happened to most of the Moon's volatile elements?
a) They sank into the Moon's core
b) They underwent radioactive decay and turned into other elements
c) They combined with lava flows to produce basalt.
d) They evaporated due to violent impacts.

Which theory explains how the Moon most likely formed?
a) Capture of passing planetesimal
b) None of the above
c) Ejection of material from rapidly spinning Earth
d) Impact with Mars-sized planetesimal

What is formed when meteoroids collide with the Moon’s surface?
a) Basalt
b) Volatile Elements
c) Impact Craters
d) Maria

Which type of rock makes up most of the Moon's surface?
a) Basalt
b) Volatile elements
c) Impact craters
d) Maria

What is another name for the ancient lava flows on the Moon?
a) Maria
b) Impact craters
c) Highlands
d) Trenches

The Moon is Earth's only ________________satellite.
a) Natural
b) Planetesimal
c) Geologically active
d) Artificial

Where is the Sea of Tranquility located?
a) on a maria
b) on the highlands
c) in an impact crater
d) in a geologically active area

How much of the Moon is being illuminated by the Sun at any given time?
a) Less than 50%
b) 50%
c) Between 50% and 100%
d) 100%

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