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Gara is a nurse. She works in a...
a) hospital
b) bank
c) bakery
d) butcher's

I need to buy some bread. Where can I go?
a) bakery
b) fruit shop
c) laundry
d) cinema

I need to send a letter. Where should I go?
a) A post office
b) A DVD shop
c) A clothes shop
d) A college

Ann works as a waitress. She works in a...
a) restaurant
b) flower shop
c) shoe shop
d) train station

Andrew cuts people's hair. He works in a...
a) hairdresser's salon
b) museum
c) garage
d) factory

I like to meet friends for coffee at an...
a) Internet café
b) Airport
c) Art gallery
d) Internet shop

I need to buy a book. Where should I go?
a) A book shop
b) A church
c) A library
d) A hospital

I need to study. Where should I go?
a) A library
b) A zoo
c) A book Shop
d) A fruit shop

Tom works as a mechanic. He works in a...
a) garage
b) garden
c) bus station
d) petrol station

Mary works as a teacher. She works in a...
a) school
b) supermarket
c) department store
d) airport

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