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What causes earthquakes?
a) energy being released when crustal plates move
b) energy from a hurricane or tornado
c) energy that builds up inside a volcanic mountain
d) energy being released when erosion occurs

A sudden movement of the Earth\\\'s crust caused by a release of stress accumulated along geological faults or by volcanic activity.
a) epicenter
b) tsunami
c) avalanche
d) earthquake

Volcanoes are formed from
a) hot gases pushing up through Earth\\\'s surface.
b) molten rock pushing up through Earth\\\'s surface.
c) large continental plates colliding with one another.
d) the rapid erosion of large mountain ranges.

When volcanoes erupt, they overflow with
a) molten lava
b) oil
c) hot water
d) clay

Which causes some parts of the ocean to be saltier than other parts?
a) cruise ships
b) river sediments
c) fishing industry
d) ocean organisms

n many farm areas, slightly hilly farmland is plowed in curves rather than straight lines. This kind of plowing is called \\
a) to prevent loss of topsoil
b) to make crops more attractive
c) to increase safety during harvest
d) to reduce the number of insect pests in crops

Major earthquakes are caused by
a) molten lava.
b) underground rivers.
c) pressures inside Earth.
d) violent weather.

Which of these statements explains the use of technology to prevent earthquake damage?
a) study the impact of organisms on fault lines
b) to build dams and levees along floodplains
c) reclaim coastal beaches in earthquake prone areas
d) the invention of seismology tools to predict earthquakes

Which is an example of a seismological study?
a) comparing the North Atlantic current to currents in the Pacific
b) evaluation of sample images of the Northwestern Pacific mantle
c) researching the geological history of Antarctic plant life
d) examination of surface features in tornado alley

In which of the following areas would soil erosion MOST LIKELY occur if they received the same amount of rainfall?
a) a forest
b) flat agricultural lands
c) agricultural lands on steep slopes
d) restored prairies

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