The Hound Of The Baskerville, Chapters 6-10 Question Preview (ID: 921)

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Stapleton made the hound look more diabolical (evil and scary) by
a) Putting phosphorus on it
b) Shaving off all the hound's hair
c) Placing a white sheet over the hound

The breed of the hound which Stapleton purchased was
a) Shepherd and Saint Bernard
b) Irish setter and Spaniel
c) Lab and Dalmatian
d) Bloodhound and Mastiff

Holmes knew the warning note received by Sir Henry in London was created by a woman because
a) The word moor was in a lady's handwriting
b) Holmes smelled jessamine, which is a woman's perfume, on the paper
c) The stationery used for the note was decorated with pink roses

Watson managed to persuade Laura Lyons to answer his questions by
a) Telling her that he was good friends with her father
b) Threatening to bring the police into the matter
c) Gaining her trust through kindness and sympathy

Which incident does not happen in the story?
a) Watson and Holmes shoot the hound
b) Mr. Frankland observes strange activity on the moor
c) Sherlock Holmes hides out on the moor
d) Dr. Watson pulls a fake beard off Barrymore

Laura Lyons did not meet Sir Charles at the gate on the night of his death because
a) Sir Charles refused to meet her
b) She was afraid of the legend of the hound
c) Laura no longer needed his help

After Watson questions Laura Lyons, he says that he could check the truth of her statements by
a) verifying that she had begun divorce proceedings
b) having the police interrogate her
c) questioning Mr. Frankland, her father
d) secretly smuggling her diary out of her room.

Holmes believed that Stapleton was gulity of other crimes. Which crime does Holmes think Stapleton was guilty of?
a) He posed as a masked man in robbing four trains which ran through London
b) He shot a page when robbing Folkestone Court
c) He stole royal jewels from the Museum of London

Holmes kept his hiding place on the moor a secret from Watson because
a) If Watson had known Holmes was there, he may have taken comforts to him which would have led to Holmes'discovery
b) Holmes feared that Watson would have intentionally told someone that he was on the moor
c) If Watson had known Holmes was there, he might have gone to the hut to tell Holmes important information which could have giv
d) Both A and C

Laura Lyons said she would answer any question asked of her about Stapleton when
a) The police threatened to put her in jail
b) She was told by Holmes that Stapleton had a wife
c) Watson told her they had confirmed that the handwriting was hers on the letter found in the fireplace

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