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Which era took place during and after the Civil War?
a) Industrialization
b) Colonization
c) War for Independence
d) Age of Exploration

Which of the following is a tool for social interation?
a) law
b) prejudice
c) conflict
d) compromise

You would be a consumer is you:
a) Purchased a product
b) Voted in an election
c) Started a family
d) manufactured chairs

Taxes pay for all BUT which of the following?
a) Public schools
b) fire fighting services
c) groceries
d) the U.S. military

The United States, Canada, and Mexico share a common:
a) culture
b) continent
c) national religion
d) currency

Which is an element of culture?
a) ability to think
b) music
c) hunger
d) need for shelter

Which of the following is a state official?
a) U.S. Supreme Court Justice
b) mayor
c) governor
d) president

Latitude and longitude are used to identify:
a) cost
b) time
c) location
d) individual rights

Which refers to what is given up when an economic choice is made?
a) money
b) time
c) consumers
d) opportunity cost

The stars on the American flag represent:
a) each of the presidents
b) the original 13 colonies
c) the 50 states
d) the amendments to the U.S. Constitution

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