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Release on bail, release on one's own recognizance, and preventive detention are three forms of
a) Entrapment
b) Initial Appearances
c) Probable Cause
d) Pretrial Release

What are some of the criteria a judge reviews when determining pretrial release?
a) Age, weight, race, level of education
b) All of the these
c) Whether the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty
d) Flight risk, dangerousness, financial status

What three pleas may a defendant enter at arraignment?
a) Guilty
b) All of the these
c) Nolo contendere
d) Not Guilty

The process by which each party to a case learns of the evidence that the opposition will present is called
a) Pretrial
b) Grand Jury Allocution
c) Discovery
d) Entrapment Defense

What is a characteristic of a Grand Jury?
a) secretive
b) cannot offer grants of immunity
c) lack investigative power
d) partial

Which amendment guarantees the right to effective assistance of counsel?
a) 8th Amendment
b) 5th Amendment
c) 6th Amendment
d) 4th Amendment

This part of the pretrial process ensures that there are substantial grounds upon which a prosecution may be based
a) Initial Appearance
b) Arraignment
c) Preliminary Hearing
d) Probable Cause Hearing

Which amendment relates to the Discovery Process
a) 5th Amendment
b) 8th Amendment
c) 4th Amendment
d) 6th Amendment

A defendant may waive his or her right to counsel.
a) True
d) False

Evidence heard by a Grand Jury or the Grand Jury's deliberations are available to the public.
a) False
d) True

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