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What are the characterisitics of a totalitarian system?
a) different social groups elect their own representatives and have individual rights under the gov.
b) citizens can only belong to organizations controlled by the government; the government controls all.
c) ruler inherits power, usually due to royal blood line, oldest form of government.
d) the government is run by a religious leader or leaders.

What is a republic?
a) people govern themselves without a monarch
b) citizens hold power because all government decisions come from the people
c) power rests in the hands of one individual or small group that tells everyone what to do
d) a religious leader runs the government.

When rulers often claimed DIVINE RIGHT in the past what did that mean?
a) all of these
b) that they would give their subject divine rights in the government
c) That they had their position of power due to the will of God
d) that they were divinely right

A direct democracy is when--?
a) there is no government interference
b) the people rule themselves
c) one person carries out the direct orders of their people
d) where the citizens of a country get together to vote directly on an issue

A theocratic government is often characterized by?
a) the existence of multiple political parties
b) censorship, religious laws, and repression
c) a written constitution
d) direct elections for governmental decisions

Which characteristics are shared by the political cultures of the U.S., U.K. and Mexico?
a) a democratically elected national legislature
b) a hereditary monarch
c) a totalitarian government
d) a union of political and religious authority

What was a characteristic of many African nations after their independence?
a) direct democracy
b) theocratic government
c) constitutional monarchy
d) one party systems

What is a constitutional monarchy?
a) when the legislature elects a monarchy
b) when monarchy write the constitution for their country
c) when monarchs share power with a legislature
d) none of these

Balance of power has to do with what?
a) the actual power that one nation or country can possess at any given time in history
b) the backbone of any goverment
c) the idea that if one country becomes to strong other countries will come together to band against it
d) none of these

What is the European Union?
a) All of these
b) a group of elected officials that determine many exports and imports only in Europe
c) a union that makes laws in Europe and has the most control
d) an group of countries in Europe that influence international relations

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