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The purpose of the opening paragraph of the article is most likely to
a) caution readers about a predatory group of birds.
b) arouse readers’ interest in a unique group of birds.
c) pose an issue to readers that the article will address.
d) encourage readers’ efforts to preserve threatened species.

Predators without peer, owls are splendidly adapted to life in the darkness. Its prowess as a predator...Which literary technique does the author use in these sentences?
a) imagery, portraying owls as skillful predators
b) personification, assigning to owls the human trait of adapting
c) hyperbole, exaggerating the status of owls among their predators
d) alliteration, repeating a sound to emphasize the superiority of owls

According to the article, what is one result of owls’ eyes being fixed in their sockets?
a) frequent head movement
b) enhanced binocular vision
c) lower overall body weight
d) greater distance perception

In the article, the term dichromatism is used to describe two
a) species of owls.
b) colors of a species.
c) ages between phases.
d) sexes within a family.

Based on information from the article, which owl would be most affected by a decline in the population of rodents?
a) barn owl
b) barred owl
c) screech owl
d) great horned owl

Which statement best describes the typical nesting behavior of all the owls featured in the article?
a) They construct their nests in open fields.
b) They evict birds and take over their nests
c) They utilize natural cavities in trees for nesting.
d) They find nesting places rather than construct them.

According to the article, all of the following contribute to the owl’s effectiveness as a predator EXCEPT
a) its ability to see well even in dim light.
b) its ability to mimic the calls of other species.
c) its ability to fly without making much noise.
d) its ability to detect and locate the slightest sounds.

According to the article, which of the owls’ names is the most misleading?
a) the screech owl’s, because its call rarely approximates a screech
b) the barn owl’s, because its domain must include fields and grasslan
c) the great horned owl’s, because its horns are actually feathered ear tufts
d) the long-eared owl’s, because its real ears are behind its eyes and covered by feathers

Which of the following best describes the organization of this article?
a) information presented in chronological order
b) information presented in order of its importance
c) general information followed by facts specific to each species
d) descriptive information followed by an explanation of the nesting habits of five species

According to the article, which two owls are most different in size?
a) long-eared owl and barn owl
b) screech owl and long-eared owl
c) great horned owl and barred owl
d) screech owl and great horned owl

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