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close to,
a) ajacent
b) adjacent
c) adjacint
d) adjacient

the outer protective layer of skin
a) epadermis
b) epidermus
c) epidermis
d) epedermis

a leader of the people (usually a bad one)
a) demagogue
b) demagoge
c) demigogue
d) demogogue

to send; to spread across
a) transmet
b) trasmint
c) tranmits
d) transmit

one to whom secrets or private matters are toldconfid
a) confident
b) confidant
c) confedant
d) confadent

receipt of academic degree or diploma upon completion studies
a) gradutation
b) gradiation
c) graduation
d) graduaition

not in agreement with accepted opinion or belief
a) heterodox
b) heterodocs
c) hetrodox
d) hetereodox

movement toward a goal;moving forward
a) progrest
b) pragress
c) pargress
d) progress

lasting for a limited time
a) temperory
b) temporary
c) temprary
d) temperary

to throw between
a) introject
b) enterject
c) interject
d) intraject

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