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What is the function of DNA in a cell?
a) regulating the movement of nutrients
b) providing energy for activities
c) carrying genetic material
d) storing and releasing chemicals

Compared to the amount of hereditary information in a human body cell, how much hereditary information is contained in a human sex cell?
a) one-quarter the amount
b) twice the amount
c) the same amount
d) one-half the amount

In animal skin tissue, cell division is responsible for
a) growth and repair
b) production of sex cells
c) obtaining energy
d) sexual reproduction

Chromosome is to nucleus as DNA is to
a) cytoplasm
b) chloroplast
c) cell membrane
d) gene

In humans, a trait can be determined by one pair or many pairs of:
a) genes
b) microbes
c) cells
d) organs

If A = straight hairline (dominant) and a = peaked hairline (recessive), the parent whose genes are aa:
a) must be dominant
b) may have AA offspring
c) has a peaked hairline
d) has a straight hairline

What is a Punnett Square used to determine
a) the possibility of having twins
b) the production of sex cells
c) the rate of mutation
d) the probability of a trait being passed on

If A = straight hairline and a = peaked hairline, why will Aa individuals have a straight hairline rather than a peaked hairline?
a) The peaked hairline occurs only in females
b) The straight hairline is dominant
c) The straight hairline is recessive
d) The peaked hairline is a mutation

A new type of tomato is better tasting and has a longer shelf life. It is produced by placing additional gene segments into the cells of the tomato plant. This process is known as:
a) genetic engineering
b) sexual reproduction
c) natural selection
d) selective breeding

In humans, a fertilized egg contains 46 chromosomes. Which is the correct number of chromosomes contained in the sperm and egg before they unite to make the fertilized egg?
a) 0 sperm chromosomes, 46 egg chromosomes
b) 46 sperm chromosomes, 46 egg chromosomes
c) 23 sperm chromosomes, 23 egg chromosomes
d) 46 sperm chromosomes, 0 egg chromosomes

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