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The presence of DNA is important for cellular metabolic activities because DNA
a) directs the production of enzymes
b) is a structural component of cell walls
c) directly increases the solubility of nutrients
d) is the major component of cytoplasm

In squirrels, the gene for gray fur (G) is dominant over the gene for black fur (g). If 50% of a large litter of squirrels are gray, the parental cross that produced this litter wa
a) Gg x gg
b) GG x GG
c) GG x Gg
d) gg x gg

Which cross could produce a child with type O blood?
a) AO x BO
b) AO x BB
c) AA x BO
d) AB x OO

Which represents the genotype of a homozygous condition?
a) rr
b) Rr
c) Fg
d) PQ

Geneticists have observed that fruit flies that commonly inherit vestigial wings also inherit lobed eyes. Observations such as this have helped to develop the genetic concept known
a) gene linkage
b) segregation
c) dominance
d) crossing over

Chromosomes normally occur as homologous pairs in
a) a zygote
b) a sperm cell
c) an egg cell
d) a gamete

Because the gene for hemophilia is located on the X-chromosome, it is normally impossible for a
a) hemophiliac father to pass the gene on to his son
b) carrier mother to pass the gene to her son
c) hemophiliac father to pass the gene to his daughter
d) carrier mother to pass the gene to her daughter

A man with a blood genotype AO marries a woman with a blood genotype of AO. What blood types could be expected in their children?
a) both type A and type O
b) type A
c) type O
d) neither A or O

The outward appearance (gene expression) of a particular trait in an organism is referred to as
a) a phenotype
b) a genotype
c) an allele
d) a chromosome

When many hybrid tall pea plants are cross-pollinated, the offspring produced will probably be
a) 50% heterozygous tall
b) 50% homozygous tall
c) 100% heterozygous tall
d) 100% homozygous tall

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