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Which of these must form when two elements join together during a chemical change?
a) electrons
b) neutrons
c) a chemical bond
d) a heterogeneous mixture

A bioengineered technology that changes how an organism functions is an adaptive technology. which of these is an example of an adaptive technology?
a) a wheelchair
b) a guide dog for blind people
c) a ramp that provides wheelchair access to a building
d) genetically altered bacteria that produce human insulin

Where is the reactant located in a chemical equation?
a) to the left of the arrow
b) to the right of the arrow
c) to the left of the addition sign
d) to the right of the addition sign

Which two tools couldl be used to determine the speed at which a person runs?
a) calculator and meterstick
b) stopwatch and meterstick
c) meterstick and Celsius thermometer
d) stopwatch and Celsius thermometer

Which group of substances contains only compounds?
a) C, O2, CH4
b) H, He, F
c) CH4, CaCO3, CO2
d) F, Fe, He

In which of these cases does a physical change occur?
a) When mixed with water, salt dissolves.
b) Hydrogen gas joins with oxyen gas to form liquid water.
c) The metal sodium reacts explosively with water.
d) The metal sodium joins with the gas chlorine to form a solid salt, sodium chloride.

Which of these best describes what must happen to the particles in water before it can change from one state to another?
a) The particles must lose a hydrogen atom.
b) The particles must gain or lose energy.
c) The number of particles must decrease.
d) The number of particles must increase.

Lemon juice has asour taste and turns blue litmus paper red. What do these properties sugest about lemon juice?
a) It is an acid.
b) It is a base.
c) It is a neutral substance.
d) It is a salt.

What keeps comets in orbit around the sun?
a) magnetism
b) electrical energy
c) the comts composition
d) the sun's gravity

In an electromagnet, a current is passed through loops of wire that surround a core. Which material would be best to use as the core of an electromagnet?
a) a pencil
b) a pen
c) a piece of chalk
d) a steel screw

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