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Which machine uses magnetism to produce an electric current?
a) electromagnet
b) electric generator
c) balance
d) compass

Which gas makes up most of Earth's atmosphere?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) nitrogen
d) methane

An element appears in the far right column of the periodic table. What can you conclude about the element based on this information?
a) It is a solid.
b) It is a liquid and a metal.
c) It is a metalloid.
d) It is anonmetal and a gas.

Which is aevidence that a chemical change has occurred?
a) A magnet is used to separate iron filings from sulfur.
b) Water freezes to form ice.
c) Four liquids poured into a container separate into four distinct layers.
d) Two gases combine to form a liquid.

What happens to the molecules in a lump of butter as the butter melts?
a) The molecules spread farther apart and move faster.
b) The molecules spread farther apart and move slower.
c) The molecules spread farther apart and move slower.
d) The molecules pack together more closely and move faster.

Which of these is the smallest particle of matter?
a) compound
b) mixture
c) molecule
d) atom

Where are products located in chemical equations?
a) to the left of the arrow
b) to the right of the addition sign
c) to the left of the addition sign
d) to the right of the arrow

What tools should a student use to investigate how different temperatures affect the evaporation rates of water?
a) a graduated cylinder, a stopwatch, and a thermometer
b) a microscope, a stopwatch, and a thermometer
c) a stopwatch, a spring scale, and a thermometer
d) a graduated cylinder, a balance, and a thermometer

Which tool is the best choice to observe single-celled organisms in a sample of pond water?
a) beaker
b) spring scale
c) microscope
d) telescope

Which is a characteristic of almost all the matter on Earth?
a) It is made up of energy
b) It is made up of atoms.
c) It is made up of plasma.
d) It is made up of cells.

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