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When copper reacts with oxygen in the air, a color change takes place that turns the surface of the copper green. What type of change occurs to produce this color change?
a) dissolving
b) mixing
c) physical change
d) chemical change

Two different fossils found in the same layer of sedimentary rock are most likely
a) fossils of the same species.
b) fossils that formed in lava that cooled.
c) the remains of organisms that have the same relative age.
d) the remains of organisms that lived in different climates

Which type of magnet produces a magnetic field most similar to Earth's?
a) bar magnet
b) horseshoe magnet
c) electromagnet
d) temporary magnet

As the distance between two objects increases, the force of gravity between them
a) decreases.
b) increases.
c) disappears.
d) remains the same.

Soap has a slippery feel and a bitter tasste. What do these characteristics suggest about soap?
a) It is an acid.
b) It is a base.
c) It is a neutral substance.
d) It is a salt.

Which two pieces of laboratory equipment can be used to find and compare the densities of different wood block samples?
a) balane and ruler
b) graduated cylinder and microscope
c) beaker and stopwatch
d) balance and thermometer

Which population would e best adapted to life in a deep lake?
a) a population of organisms with long legs
b) a population of organisms that use fins for movement
c) a population of organisms with wings
d) a population of organisms that get their energy from the sun

Which of these is most likely to result from clear-cutting a forest to create space for a new shopping mall?
a) a large number of plant-based medicines
b) increased oxygen production
c) loss of habitat and decreased biodiversity
d) decreased carbon dioxide production

Which substance below is a compound?
a) O
b) Cl
c) H2O
d) Na

Which is an example of a physical change?
a) burning methane gas to produce water and carbon dioxide
b) combining vinegar and baking soda to form a salt and water
c) the condensation of water vapor on the outside of a cold can of soda
d) the formation of silver sulfide when silver reacts with sulfur in the air

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