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To what organization must a sexual harassment complaint be filed?
b) EPA
d) PPO

How many months/years must your work before you can take FMLA?
a) 1 year
b) 3 months
c) 6 months
d) 9 months

What is NOT a reason that an employee might receive a Notice of Denial for a Workers’ Comp claim?
a) Use of Drugs
b) Paperwork filled out incorrectly
c) Abuse of the Law
d) Fraud

What does it mean to have an 80/20 health plan?
a) The doctor will only bill you 80% of the cost
b) 80% of the medical bills are covered and you pay 20% of the cost
c) 20% of the medical bills are covered and you pay 80% of the cost
d) The doctor will only bill you 20% of the cost

What is the purpose of the “no fault” clause for Workers’ Compensation?
a) Nobody wants to try and find out how the accident was caused
c) No one can sue or be sued because of an accident
d) Too much paper work

Which is NOT a state that has Non-subscriber Insurance
a) Texas
b) Kansas
c) New Jersey
d) South Carolina

What does IRA stand for?
a) Income Retirement Arrangement
b) Income Retirement Association
c) Individual Retirement Association
d) Individual Retirement Arrangement

What is NOT a way that you can be paid while out on FMLA
a) Regular Salary
b) Short Term Disability
c) Sick Pay
d) Vacation Pay

How is sexual harassment on the job prevented?
a) Ignoring the situation
b) Not allowing men and women to work together
c) Immediately fire anyone who complains
d) A written policy that is posted

What is a Primary Care Physician?
a) The doctor you need to go to
c) The doctor who will refer you to other doctors
d) Doctor for your children

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