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The fur of a snowshoe rabbit changes to white during the winter. This change is an example of
a) adaptation
b) competition
c) metamorphosis
d) metabolism

Evidence that living things have evolved over hundreds of millions of years can be found in
a) particles in the air
b) rocks containing fossils
c) tree rings from recently logged trees
d) chemicals in human hair

If a species is no longer able to reproduce, it will
a) adapt to its environment
b) become immune to disease
c) become extinct
d) increase its population

Extinction of a species is most likely to occur as a result of
a) evolution
b) migration
c) selective breeding
d) environmental changes

Feathers, wings, and the hollow bones of birds are examples of
a) adaptations for flight
b) responses to stimuli
c) unnecessary body parts
d) reproductive structures

In which organisms could evolution occur most rapidly?
a) humans
b) fish
c) birds
d) bacteria

Scientists wanted to produce a smaller variety of German shepherd dogs so they mated the smallest dogs from different litters for several generations. This is an example of
a) extinction
b) mutation
c) selective breeding
d) natural selection

The gradual change in a species over time is called
a) mutation
b) evolution
c) migration
d) variation

A species is a group of similar organisms that
a) all have exactly the same traits
b) can migrate to an island from the mainland
c) can mate with each other and produce fertile offspring
d) can live together on an island

Which event is the best example of competition between species in a pond environment?
a) dragonflies landing on lily pads
b) frogs and toads eating flies
c) lizards and snakes lying in the sun
d) hawks eating mice

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