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Which global event caused the overall reduction of unemployment between 1914 and 1918?
a) The Great Depression
b) Completion of the Panama Canal
c) World War I
d) World War II

The Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente were established in the decades just
a) Before the Congress of Vienna
b) Before World War I
c) After the Treaty of Versailles
d) After the formation of the United Nations

Growing nationalism and militarism in Europe and the creation of secret alliances were
a) Reasons for the rise of democracy
b) Causes of World War I
c) Requirements for economic development
d) Reasons for the collapse of communism

The Treaty of Versailles contributed to the economic collapse of Germany after World War I by
a) Mandating economic reforms in Germany
b) Requiring that Germany pay for war damages
c) Placing a quota on goods exported from Germany
d) Devaluing German currency

Which statement explains the decline in unemployment rates in Britain between 1914-1918?
a) World War I generated jobs at home in England and in the military
b) Many new jobs were available in Britain’s African colonies
c) Assembly-line production of consumer goods required more workers
d) The British were buying huge amounts of war materials from the United States

The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany for its role in World War I by
a) Dividing Germany into four occupied zones
b) Supporting economic sanctions by the United Nations
c) Forcing Germany to accept blame for the war and to pay reparations
d) Taking away German territory in the Balkans and Spain

The major impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany was that the treaty led to
a) An era of peace and international good will in Germany
b) An increase in Germany’s desire to regain its power and prestige
c) A stable Germany that was both democratic and strong
d) A leadership position for Germany in the League of Nations

One action that many governments took during World War I was to
a) Encourage political dissent and freedom of the press
b) Regulate their economic systems to increase production
c) Prevent women from seeking employment in factories
d) Raise tariffs to encourage trade

The Balkans were referred to as the “Powder Keg of Europe” in the period before World War I because of their
a) Manufactured ability
b) Stockpile of weapons
c) Nationalistic rivalries
d) Economic strength

What was the immediate cause of World War I in Europe?
a) Start of the civil war in Russia
b) Sinking of the British liner, Lusitania
c) Assassination of the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
d) Attack on Poland by the German army

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