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The needs of the Industrial Revolution in 19th- century Europe greatly contributed to the
a) Growth of overseas empires
b) Beginning of the triangle trade
c) Development of international peacekeeping organizations
d) Promoting of political and economic equality in Asia and Africa

A long- term result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe was
a) An increase in the number of small farms
b) A decline in international trade
c) A general rise in the standard of living
d) A strengthening of the economic power of the nobility

The influence of geographic factors in England was most evident in the development of
a) The Anglican Church under Henry VIII
b) English literature under Elizabeth I
c) The English industrial system
d) The English constitutional monarch

The economic theory of laissez-faire capitalism proposes that
a) Command economies should provide the greatest opportunity for national growth
b) The nobility should have strict control over business and industry
c) The practices of mercantilism should be expanded
d) Governments should not interfere with business

Laissez-faire capitalism as attributed to Adam Smith called for
a) Heavy taxation of manufacturers
b) Strict governments control of the economy
c) Minimal government involvement in the economy
d) Government investments in major industries

During the 19th- century, industrialization in Great Britain differed from industrialization in Japan mainly because Great Britain
a) Had greater deposits of natural resources
b) Encountered government resistance to economic growth
c) Used isolationism to increase its economic power
d) Duplicated the factory systems used in China

Which headlines would most likely have appeared in a pamphlet during the Industrial Revolution?
a) “Michelangelo Completes Sistine Chapel”
b) “Karl Marx Attacks Capitalism”
c) “Martin Luther Speaks Out Against Sale of Indulgences”
d) “John Locke Calls for the People to Choose the King”

In Europe, joint stock companies, shareholders, entrepreneurs, and the bourgeoisie contributed to the
a) Rise of capitalism
b) Development of feudalism
c) Decline of communism
d) Increase in power of the guilds

Which event led to a rise in population in cities throughout England?
a) The bubonic plague
b) Emigration to the Americas
c) The Industrial Revolution
d) Rebellions in Ireland

Which concept is most closely associated with the pattern of population increasing in the cities of England?
a) Globalization
b) Collectivization
c) Colonization
d) Urbanization

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