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Which of the following provides the best evidence against the theory that the stone circles were constructed to mark the rising moon at certain times of the year?
a) The moon rises from the same point on the same date each year.
b) The stone circles were set up long before telescopes were invented.
c) The orbit of the moon is too complicated for the inexact circles to track.
d) The sun was more important than the moon to the daily lives of those who built the circles.

What is one reason the passage gives for determining that the stones were used for harvest rituals?
a) The outer stone circle is a mile wide.
b) Agriculture was very important at the time the circles were built.
c) The remains of ancient farm equipment have been found near the circles.
d) The stone circles probably served as calendars for the people who built them.

Which of the following statements made in the passage is an opinion?
a) Some of the Avebury stones rise to a height of nine feet.
b) The Avebury and Cavendish sites are as impressive as Stonehenge.
c) At the time the sites were built, human beings no longer lived as hunter gatherers.
d) The stone circles have stimulated the imaginations of those who have visited them for centuries.

Which theory's purpose for building the stone circles is best supported by the evidence provided?
a) The circles were built by aliens from Mars.
b) The circles were built to track the orbit of the moon.
c) The circles allowed people to predict the changing seasons.
d) The circles were altars designed to honor the gods of the harvest.

According to the passage, the people who built the stone circles lived in agricultural communities. How does this fact support the theory that stone circles served as calendars?
a) Hunter gatherers would not need places for harvest ceremonies.
b) Only an agricultural community would be able to build the monuments.
c) Agricultural communities need to know when to plant and harvest crops.
d) Most agricultural communities in history have had ceremonies that celebrate harvests.

How did Davidson's work at Harvard Department of Mammology prepare her to be a preparator?
a) She learned how to use the tools of a sculptor.
b) The creation of dioramas helped her learn how to recover fossils.
c) She learned how to cast bronze sculptures and work with jackhammers.
d) Dissecting and preserving animals helped her learn about animal bodies.

Based on information in the passage, what does a preparator do?
a) prepares exhibits for museums
b) sculpts and builds in bronze and stone
c) studies and recreates human anatomy
d) removes and studies dinosaur skull fossils

Which sentence provides the best summary of how Davidson became a preparator?
a) After studying several jobs in related fields, Davidson was invited to work in a preparator's lab.
b) After learning how to dissect animals and studying many things, Davidson got to go on a dinosaur dig
c) After learning different skills, Davidson finally was able to create displays for the Smithsonian.
d) After leaving a career in bronze sculpture, Davidson had job offers in the fossil recreation field.

Which sentence from the passage provides the best example of how Davidson's work combines both her science and art backgrounds?
a) Working on a new fossil is like a window into the past.
b) This troodontid is a small dinosaur about the size of a cat.
c) As I work, a natural sculpture, a skeleton, begins to emerge from the rock.
d) I want to stay and continue working, chipping away at the rock that encases the fossil.

How was working on the Ovirapotor skeletons significant to Amy Davidson's work?
a) It was the most difficult project she'd ever done.
b) It was the first fossil that she could use her artistic ability to restore.
c) It was the project that made her realize what kind of work she wanted to do.
d) It was an opportunity to work on the most perfect Oviraptor skeleton ever found.

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