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Which object is a NEED?
a) a doll
b) a new video game
c) water
d) candy

Which is a WANT?
a) shelter
b) food
c) clothing
d) a new soccer ball

What do people need to live?
a) air, food, water, shelter
b) toys and bikes
c) Pokémon cards
d) toy dinosaurs

When you go shopping for a new toy, are you buying a NEED or a WANT?
a) need
b) want
c) .
d) .

What is a need?
a) things we enjoy
b) places we like to go
c) things we MUST have to live
d) things we want to buy

Which is NOT a NEED?
a) food to eat
b) big screen television
c) clothing
d) a warm house

Which is NOT a WANT?
a) a guitar
b) to go outside at the end of the day
c) a place to live
d) a SMARTboard

Is it important that we all have responsibilities in our family?
a) Yes
b) .
c) .
d) No

Is a new haircut a want?
a) Yes
b) .
c) .
d) No

Your home is a NEED because it is ...
a) fun
b) big
c) shelter
d) cozy

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