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Reviewing The Internet Safety Rules Studied In Class.[print questions]

Is it safe to assume that a name someone uses online is his/her real name?
a) No because people aren't always who they seem to be in cyberspace.
b) Yes because people are always very honest when they're online.
c) No because making assumptions about people is wrong.
d) Yes because people always tell the truth.

Why should you not give out your personal information on the internet?
a) To protect your privacy and stay safe from online predators.
b) To avoid people from contacting you.
c) To remain anonymous online.
d) You can give your personal information freely. There is nothing to fear online.

What does personal information include?
a) Your real name, address, email, phone number, age and your school name.
b) Your nickname, address, email, phone number, age and your school name.
c) Your nickname, fake address and email.
d) Your online avatar.

One way to stay safe on the internet is to...
a) Give out your email address to anyone that asks for it
b) Give out your password to anyone that asks for it
c) Never share your email address and password with anyone you don't know
d) Never go on the internet in your lifetime

What should you do to avoid getting a lot of junk mail?
a) Do not read or respond to the email and delete it
b) Respond to the email and download any attachments that were sent
c) Respond to the email and ask who they are and give them your cell number
d) Respond to the email and tell them to stop emailing you

What should you do if your friend you met in a chat room asks to meet in person?
a) Tell your internet friend you can't wait to meet him/her
b) Ask your parents for permission & come with you. But it's best not to meet at all.
c) Don't tell anyone that you're going to meet an internet friend
d) Give your friend your home address & cell number to get a hold of you then meet them

When you are in a chat room, why is it important to use a nickname?
a) Protect your identity, privacy & because others know you're there & might email you
b) To let everyone know you're there so they can chat with you
c) To let others evan email you once you start chatting
d) To make the experience more fun

Why is it a good idea to be careful of the things you say in an email?
a) Email is private so you don't need to watch what you say
b) People's impression of you is not affected by the things you say in an email
c) Email is for sending jokes so people are not bothered by what you say
d) Email is not completely private & others can forward your email

What is the danger of downloading attachments from emails from unknown sources?
a) You might download a virus and expose your computer system
b) There is no danger from downloading files from unknown sources
c) Downloading is a very safe thing to do anytime
d) You can download a file from unknown sources as long as you have an antivirus

Why is it a great idea to fill in a survey online that promises you can win something?
a) You never get anything for nothing. They just want your personal info to send spam
b) Because you can win so many free things and you don't have to do anything
c) Winning free stuff is fun
d) Filling in a survey is a small sacrifice to win something

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