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Which of the following is true of every energy transformation?
a) Energy is conserved.
b) Matter is formed.
c) Energy is destroyed.
d) Energy is created.

An engine converts 95% of energy input into useful work output. What happens to the remaining 5% of the energy?
a) It is converted to heat or some other form of unusable energy.
b) It is destroyed in the process of converting from one type of energy to another.
c) It is stored in the engine for later use.
d) It is lost along with the mass of the fuel.

What happens to the kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy of a ball during free fall?
a) Gravitational potential energy decreases and kinetic energy increases.
b) Gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy both increase.
c) Gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy both decrease.
d) Gravitational potential energy increases and kinetic energy decreases.

Renard uses a lamp to read. What energy transformation takes place in the lamp to help him read?
a) Electrical to electromagnetic
b) Thermal to chemical
c) Chemical to nuclear
d) Electrical to nuclear

Which of the following types of energy is NOT at work when a flashlight shines?
a) Mechanical
b) Light
c) Chemical
d) Heat

Beating a drum represents what kind of energy conversion?
a) Mechanical to sound
b) Electrical to mechanical
c) Chemical to electrical
d) Sound to heat

Plants transform some of the electromagnetic energy from the sun into
a) chemical energy.
b) nuclear energy.
c) mechanical energy.
d) solar energy.

What transformation of energy takes place in your body to allow you to wave your arm?
a) Chemical to mechanical
b) Electrical to chemical
c) Chemical to thermal
d) Mechanical to chemical

What kind of energy is stored in the bond of molecules?
a) Chemical
b) Thermal
c) Nuclear
d) Mechanical

Which of the following is an example of electrical energy being converted to light energy?
a) Turning on a computer monitor
b) Ringing a doorbell
c) Striking a match
d) Water falling over a dam

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