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Acid rain slowly dissolving statues and buildings is an example of which process?
a) Mechanical weathering
b) Chemical weathering
c) Biological weathering
d) Erosion

Which process is most responsible for the formation of the Grand Canyon?
a) Scouring by continental glacier
b) Erosion by wind and water
c) Eruptions by explosive volcanoes
d) Cracking of the earth's crust by earthquakes

Which of the following areas would experience the most weathering?
a) An area with high winds, significant rain, hot summers, and freezing winters.
b) An area with heavy rains, constant heat, gentle winds.
c) An area with constant heat, minimal rain, and high winds.
d) All areas are subject to the same amounts of weathering.

Which geological feature is caused primarily by chemical weathering?
a) Large caves in limestone bedrock.
b) A pattern of parallel cracks in a granite mountain.
c) Blocks of basalt at the base of a steep slope.
d) The smooth polished surfaceof a rock in a dry, sandy area.

All of the following are examples of erosion except:
a) An icy winter causes a sidewalk to crack.
b) A flood washes soil down stream.
c) A glacier picks up boulders as it moves.
d) The wind in a desert blowing against a rock.

Over the last 5,000 years, Georgia's landscape has changed greatly due to which of the following physical processes?
a) Water deposition and erosion
b) Faulting and earthquakes
c) Glacial deposition and erosion
d) Upheaval and mountain building.

Deposition is ...
a) the process by which material is laid down.
b) composed of weathered rock, humus, and other organic material.
c) the process by which materials are moved from one place to another.
d) the breaking down of rocks and other materials on Earth's surface due to human activity.

What are the layers of soil called?
a) horizon profile
b) particles
c) structures
d) fertility range

What is the main role minerals play in soil fertility?
a) Minerals contain the nutrients plants need to grow.
b) Minerals help regulate the temperature of the soil.
c) Minerals prevent diseases from affecting plants.
d) Minerals keep soil from absorbing too much moisture.

Which would most affect erosion?
a) clearing land to build houses
b) overfishing in a local stream
c) dropping tires in a pond
d) creating a national park

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