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What are unique letters or numbers used to identify a user and allow access to a computer
a) program
b) login
c) password
d) username

a word or numbers, sometimes kept secret or confidential, that must be supplied by a user in order to gain access to a computer.
a) program
b) login
c) password
d) username

What is a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide?
a) Internet
b) laptop
c) computer lab
d) network

a row or rows of buttons on a display screen that are clicked on to select various functions in a software application or web browser.
a) favorites
b) toolbar
c) documents
d) bookmarks

A ___________________ is the gateway to the internet
a) bookmark
b) toolbar
c) document
d) browser

Where you can store bookmarked web pages that interest you.
a) browser
b) document
c) favorites
d) toolbar

The space provided (on a browser) for showing the addresses of websites
a) address bar
b) browser
c) favorites
d) toolbar

An address that identifies a particular file on the Internet, usually consisting of the protocol, as http, followed by the domain name.
a) abc
b) http
c) .com
d) url

To participate with others, through the Internet, in a real-time conversation
a) chat
b) webpage
c) blog
d) email

The use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person.
a) email
b) chat
c) blog
d) cyberbullying

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