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When you format text, you
a) add a picture to your document
b) change the style and font of the letters
c) printing the document
d) saving your document

The word "font" refers to
a) your flash drive
b) a sticky note
c) saving your document
d) the kind of text you choose

An example of a font name is
a) center
b) Times New Roman
c) bold
d) 16 pt

What is clipart
a) a picture
b) a movie
c) audio file
d) a program

Which button do you use to save your work on a word processing program?
a) print
b) page layout
c) save
d) bullets

To create an invitation to your birthday party, which of the following would you use?
a) browser
b) spreadsheet
c) word processoring
d) presentation program

Which of the following would you create using a word processing program?
a) writing a composition
b) drawing a picture
c) creating a graph
d) solving math problems

Which keyboard key moves the cursor from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line?
a) delete
b) backspace
c) enter
d) cap locks

What is the extension for a word processing file?
a) .exe
b) .xls
c) .doc
d) .com

Which tool would you use to find a synonym of a word?
a) dictonary
b) thesaurus
c) spell check
d) clipart

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