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Which is an example of a physical change?
a) ice melting
b) milk going bad
c) a camp fire
d) baking a cake

Ripping paper is example of...
a) Change of mass
b) Physical change
c) Chemical change
d) Change of weight

During chemical change, atoms are reorganized. This makes what?
a) New atoms
b) A separated mixture
c) A different molecule with different properties
d) The atoms can't be reorganized

Which is a chemical change?
a) Strawberries that went bad smell horrible
b) Melted ice
c) Cloud changes shape
d) A glass breaks

Which is a chemical change?
a) Metal rusting
b) Water temperature decreasing
c) A baseball breaking a window
d) A balloon getting bigger

Think of lab with balloon. Mass is found before and after vinegar & baking soda mixed. Find what?
a) Mass increased
b) Mass did not change
c) Mass decreased b/c gas less dense
d) Mass decreased b/c the volume of gas can change

Why did waffle burn?
a) Temperature increased
b) Temperature decreased
c) Waffle too big
d) Not good kind of waffle

Which is a chemical change?
a) Cutting hair
b) Frying eggs
c) Making tea
d) Drying clothes

Wood becoming ash is example of...
a) Physical change
b) Chemical change
c) Absorption
d) Displacement

What kinds of changes obey Law of Conservation of Mass?
a) Only changes of state
b) Only physical changes
c) Only chemical changes
d) Physical and chemical changes

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