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Review Of What Matter Is Made Up Of. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Where do you find natural elements?
a) store
b) labs
c) rivers only
d) nature

What is a molecule?
a) the smallest particle of a substance that has the same properties of that stubstance
c) the smallest particle that does not have the same properties
d) a pet

An atom is the building block of matter
a) True
d) Flase

An atom is _________________
a) the same as a molecule
b) a guy who works in this school
c) each individual part of a molecule
d) huge

A solid has _______________________
a) no definite shape, but definite volume
b) definite shape and and volume
c) definite volume but no definite shape
d) no definite weight ior volume

an example of liquid is_______________
a) a rock
b) apple juice
c) a cup
d) a cloud

an example of gas is______________
a) an iceberg
b) a lake
c) a frog
d) steam from boiling water

an element
a) has only one kind of atom
b) has two or more atoms
c) is squishy
d) only last for five seconds before exploding

There are _______________ kinds of elements.
a) 52
b) 99
c) 109
d) 92

A water molecule, H2O, has how many kinds of atoms?
a) 5
b) 0
c) 9
d) 2

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