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Small, icy bodies with very eccentric(elliptical) orbits, found in the Oort Cloud
a) comets
b) meteors
c) asteroids
d) dwarf planets

Which planet would have a little atmosphere?
a) large planet
b) small planet
c) hot planet
d) asteroids

Dry river beds, gullies and dry deltas are evidence for water on which planet?
a) Mercury
b) Venus
c) Pluto
d) Mars

When the solar system formed _________ stayed close to the sun, while _______ spread out further from the sun
a) heavy pieces, light pieces
b) hot pieces, cold pieces
c) hot pieces, light pieces
d) cold pieces, heavy pieces

Materials that enters Earth's atmosphere and crashes onto the ground
a) meteor
b) meteoroid
c) meterite
d) asteroid

Outside Planets are called ______________ planets
a) Superior
b) Inferior
c) aphelion
d) perhelion

Bodies of debris that orbit the sun, mostly found between Mars and Jupiter
a) comets
b) dwarf planets
c) asteroids
d) meteroids

Which planet has Valles Marinaris, the largest canyon system in the solar system
a) Venus
b) Earth
c) Mercury
d) Mars

Galileo DID NOT discover
a) moons of jupiter
b) geocentric solar system
c) phases of venus
d) mountains on the moon

Moon that has an icy surface with water underneath
a) Europa
b) Io
c) Ganymede
d) Callisto

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